The Pageant Girl Dress Code: Snappy Casual


When I first started competing in pageants, I was always told to dress “snappy casual” to pageant events like orientation, appearances at the radio station, and pageant rehearsals. When I first heard it, the term confused me. I knew casual meant jeans were ok, but the ‘snappy’ part had me all mixed up.


I soon learned that snappy casual was the term used to describe that put-together-yet-not-dressed-up look that pageant girls had perfected. You know this look. It’s the fitted jeans paired with super-cute heels or fashionable wedges (rarely flats), and a colorful silk/satin top with big pageant-girl jewelry, full hair and make up. I call this the “I make this crown look good” look, because snappy casual is a look that would go great with a crown ;-)


The ‘casual’ part in this case is meant to mean “didn’t try too hard” but the “snappy” part means “tried” soooo…Snappy Casual is basically “Tried to Appear You Didn’t Try Too Hard.”  Get it?


It’s what you’d wear on a first date, a night out with your girls when you know you’ll run into your ex, or the outfit you’d be glad you wore if you were recognized by a fan in the grocery store (this has happened to me, and thank God I was dressed Snappy Casual).



Stay Snappy,